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We take inspiration from areas all around the world with a lot of different flavors and ingredients. The idea is to order a few dishes at the same time and our tacos is corn tortillas and served one per person.


roasted corn 35:-

marcona almonds 65:-

olives 55:-

popcorn 35:-

pickled cucumber, sour cream, dried chili, honey (v) 75:-

chicharrones, crispy pork skin, chili-mayo 75:-

croquettes, corn, manchego, chipotle-mayo (v) 95:-

pimientos de padron, ancho-chili salt, parmesan (v) 85:-

sweet and sour chicken, chili, honey, sesame-mayo (v) 115:-

corn ribs, deep-fried corn on the cob, tajin, chili butter (v) 120:-


chopped flank steak, onion-mayo, chili bean paste, crispy pork skin 85:-

al pastor, grilled pork, pineapple, habanero (v) 85:-

tuna tartare, soya-glaze, pickled ginger, spring onions 95:-

fried shrimp, red cabbage slaw, garlic, sesame 90:-

avocado, tomato salsa, lime, togarashi (v) 80:-


hazelnut ice cream, fried corn tortilla, dulce de leche, meringue, raspberry 115:-

mandarin sorbet 45:-

ice cream boat 25:-